Monday, September 8, 2008

Innovation while Mommy showers....

Yeah. Title says it all. While I was showering the boys got C off the bed and created a little playpen for him. Apparently they managed to get him off the bed "without hurting him so it was okay." This is one of those parent moments where you just smile and nod and ask them to obey the rules even when they think they are being safe.

All Day Long

this is what the boys do.

It really flies..

Where have the past 5 1/2 months gone????

First Soccer Game

Four and five year old soccer is just all about keeping the ball moving. The kids were either into it for a few minutes, tantruming on the sidelines, or just doing their own thing (one kid put his arms inside his t shirt and laid down on the field). W's team lost two players from the start so they were outnumbered at any given time in the game. 7 1/2 minute quarters should be shortened to 5 in my opinion.
W was just so proud to hear me cheer for him that he'd forget it was the ball he was supposed to kick and would just smile at me and G while the other team stole the ball from him.
All in all, a good time. W thought the capri sun roaring waters juice packet he was given afterwards was "yucky water" and he threw it out and asked the a mom from the other team for an organic chocolate milk instead. He got that and a rice krispie treat which he thought was "very nice, like rice and sweet stuff."


Wow. Twenty seven and a half years it took me to get here!

They boys enjoyed riding the subway. We walked A LOT. Saw the Capitol building, the Lincolon memorial, the reflecting pool (W really wanted to swim in it but it was green and there was lots of goose doo doo around), the Vietnam War memorial, and the Korean War memorial.

Camping+Fishing+Swimming=One Tired BOY!!!

Members day at the Zoo

C took W and G and they got to ride the train for free!!! This was taken end of July.