Tuesday, January 8, 2008

Specific request

We went on a family walk tonight, it was so gorgeous out. W specifically asked for me to take this picture with this precious tree as he deemed it.

What a cutie!

Friday, January 4, 2008


Yes, there is a very active baby in there that has had a recent growth spurt (as evidenced by my ravenous appetite and belly growth).

Thursday, January 3, 2008

A little haircut

Before and Afters
I guess the only hair length I can cut is SHORT!!!!!!!!!!!

Christmas Day... well some of it!

Christmas Day started with W looking through the gift bags Daddy had painstakingly packaged up the night before... of course they were for us to take with us and not for him to open. He and G finally realized that their gifts were under the tree and they opened them quickly. W loves his Audborn Society cardinal. It is the one toy that makes noise that I actually like.

G was so excited to see Cars cars. He got Sally and W got Chicks Hicks.

After they opened great Grandmom & great Grandpop's presents (more jammies! and mushabelly stuffed animals with fleece blankies), we had early breakfast, got dressed and headed over to Gigi's. We had brunch there and met with more family. And opened more presents. It was mass chaos with W wanting to open everyone's presents, then wanting to hand out everyone's presents, then wanting to help everyone open their presents. With three young boys present, (ages almost 4 and two 2 year olds) there was plenty of action. C sure loved the Hot Dog Johnny's T shirt that his brother and SIL gave him!!

And M just really wanted to go back to sleep
before the rest of the festivities of the day.

Christmas Eve

Christmas Eve started slowly for us. We baked cookies all afternoon after going out for two hours to get a few ingredients Great Grandmom didn't have. Phew traffic! After cleaning up the kitchen we ate venison stew and hurried off to church (BCCC) for a candlelit service. The kids got glowsticks for safety's sake so they were thrilled. W really liked the Happy Birthday Jesus song. When we got back we opened our Christmas eve presents (new jammies and toothbrushes) before visiting a bit with the great grandparents. Then it was "brush teeth - read books - go sleep!!" G fell asleep in Daddy's arms before the 12 days of Christmas song book was even over!

Happy Birthday!!!

G's birthday was such fun. He loved his quad racer and the new hat I knit him to match his new jacket (thanks Grandma!). And finally! He has his own backpack!!

He loved wearing the silly giraffe hatband we got instead of birthday hats (W got a parrot). And the balloons and streamers galore were a big hit when the boys came home from the playground.
And he had plenty of help opening all the presents.

The family at Thanksgiving

November at Turtle Park

These are from when we went to Turtle Park down the street and tried to get pictures of us for our Christmas cards. It was cold, the sun kept bothering W's eyes and both kids were whiney and hungry. I was tired and hungry. C was just wanting everyone's cooperation. We ended up deciding to try and take pictures again but never did and so that is why no one got Christmas cards from us this year!