Monday, September 8, 2008

First Soccer Game

Four and five year old soccer is just all about keeping the ball moving. The kids were either into it for a few minutes, tantruming on the sidelines, or just doing their own thing (one kid put his arms inside his t shirt and laid down on the field). W's team lost two players from the start so they were outnumbered at any given time in the game. 7 1/2 minute quarters should be shortened to 5 in my opinion.
W was just so proud to hear me cheer for him that he'd forget it was the ball he was supposed to kick and would just smile at me and G while the other team stole the ball from him.
All in all, a good time. W thought the capri sun roaring waters juice packet he was given afterwards was "yucky water" and he threw it out and asked the a mom from the other team for an organic chocolate milk instead. He got that and a rice krispie treat which he thought was "very nice, like rice and sweet stuff."


*Jess* said...

Awesome! Jaina's playing soccer, too!

tranquilmama said...

Hey - Jessie! I'm so glad you check in here once in a while. I forget what your blog was... LMK again :)
It's insane how the time flies by!!!